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soompi yongseo posts.

kkkk. browsing my old posts in soompi, under the username : talulet. that account is connected with my fb account.:P

this is a collection of my posts:

here's my first post on the first thread of yongseo.

@vjwk i think the first time they hold hands was during their double birthday celebration =)

just a random thought.. did yong draw the cover of the single? he's good at drawing right?, and he's very detailed with his work. kkk. it just came to my mind. but the drawing doesn't look like his drawing that was always shown in wgm so i also doubt it. ^^

don't you think the girl in the cover looked like this lovely girl:

2nd post:

happy anniversary to yongseo couple. and to goguma villagers!
this thread's age is 1 year... whoah. time flies so fast.

i really wish that yongseo will be a real couple someday (if they are not real yet as of now). because, if yongseo didn't end up together, it would be unfair to their future partners. fans/netizens will definitely compare their relationship to what yongseo had in WGM. and also, their looks and personalities will also be a topic of debates, whether who's more handsome or beautiful, etc. kkk. well, that was just a random thought. but yeah, hopefully, yongseo will be together forever! :DDD

things that i noticed about yongseo:
-most celebrities picked them as their ideal type. ) for seohyun, she had a lot of celebrity fanboys even before she joined WGM: jinwoon, yoseob, dongwoon, minho, leeteuk.. and a lot more. for yonghwa, he's considered as ideal guy by some girl group members like the girls from after school (lizzy, nana and raina?), t-ara's eunjung. even his sister-in-law hyoyeon said she likes him before he was paired with seohyun.
-they are both talented. they are good at playing instruments, great at imitating voices/sounds. )
-same zodiac sign, same blood type. :DDD there's a lot more but because i'm sleepy i already forgot what to write. sorry.

.. i really think they're meant to be. ♥
it's like cupid transformed into WGM PD and made a way for them to meet each other.
it's hard to believe that they don't feel anything since they're doing what normal couples do in real life, spending time together and doing couple activities. what should we expect with that? of course, they can't help but fall in love

3rd post:

i'm confused.. i often hear Seohyun say "algessda/algetda" which means i know/i understand, *is that right?*
is it banmal or jondaemal? O.O because she said it in ep31, when she was about to speak in banmal to Yonghwa as a gift. But now that she still speak formal, she often says that phrase.

i'm excited for the ep this saturday.!! we'll see them again in comfortable clothes (remember sauna ep with cnblue bils XD), being much comfortable with each other. hahah

hello & have a nice day y'all ♥

/back to lurker mode.

4th post

hyun's really lucky. she learned how to snowboard from the 'ski resort hottie'!! kkk. even her unnies are jealous of her, they want to go skiing with someone like yonghwa! (they'll just wish for someone like him, because yong's already 'married' to their sister. )

i think we shouldn't analyze their actions too much, but just enjoy what we watched. because WGM's main purpose is 'entertainment', i mean, it's nice to see things in a different way, but sometimes because of too much analyzing, we forgot to just enjoy what was presented to us. we'll just keep on looking for hidden things or reading between the lines. ^^;; but that's just my opinion ^^v i also like analyzing their actions too sometimes, heeng~ (like, i sometimes watch ep1 just too compare how they were before from their interactions recently. kkk. and they really became comfortable with each other that yonghwa's no longer cautious in making jokes of how seohyun looked.)

5th post

i remember reading an old article about seohyun, that she's not interested in boys. the article even said that seohyun find boys gross before LOL and her unnies are teasing her and said that she's waiting for someone who's rich, prince-type of guys, just like the guys from boys over flowers. ) and they were saying that it's impossible to find guys like that these days.
i found it funny because, i think seohyun already found exactly what she's been looking for, don't you think so?
yonghwa can pass as a member of f4 (he even resembles hyunjoong sometimes and his character shinwoo is like yoo ji hoo) :

(yong jun pyo ♥ hyun jan di with min ji hoo, so yi jong,song woo shin LOL)
cnblue over flowers. kkk. )

and yongseo looked like they came out from a manga or anime' or a kdrama. almost perfect~

6th post

am i the only one who thinks that yong is really manly when he agreed to hyun's wish? kkk. from the genie dance wearing the navy uniform to applying make-up to his face. ) those things are definitely not manly, but i see yong as a true man because he did those things for hyun. i am weird. 'cause if he actually rejected the idea, it'll appear to me as less manly. XD doing everything for the girl you love, that's what a true man do, right? he'll do anything for hyun just to see her laugh.

and the headlock..!! i really think yong wanted to hug hyun because she was adorable being extremely happy with simple things, but he did a headlock instead, maybe to not freak her out? lol but that was really cute. and they really look much closer now. ♥

7th post

sneaky yong~ he turned his head when hyun was about to kiss his cheeks! kkk. was he trying to do what kwon did that made gain kissed him on the lips? LOL

and we're already familiar to what yong looks like when he's hiding how happy he was at the moment.=))

8th post and my favorite. kk

if they didn't inform everyone that it was the last filming, i would think that it was just a delayed celebration of their first anniversary. heh =P because, really, that's one way of celebrating their 1year,right? going back to memorable places, reminiscing how they met, realizing that their feelings have changed and it had developed to something beautiful. memories, memories..

i think the question 'what's the difference between like & love' will be answered on the last episode. and also goguma points!

on the first meeting, both of them don't know what to do, it's awkward and they're still unfamiliar with each other.
on the last episode, they want to do a lot of things and spend more time together because they're now so comfortable and familiar with each other.
isn't it wonderful? how their relationship progress. from strangers to working partners acting as husband and wife to oppa-dongsaeng friends to lovers then real husband and wife in the future??
i don't want to hate on MBC & WGM because they're the ones that brought yongseo together. Without them, yonghwa and seohyun are just fellow celebrities. Without them, we wouldn't have a chance to witness yongseo's love story. ^^

another thought: many are surprised that SMent let seohyun to be part of WGM. because she's known to be the pure & innocent maknae of SNSD. i think, this is a way of SM to have seohyun experience things that she missed from when she's still training until now. girls around her age are already going out on dates & having fun. and since she's not interested in boys, there's no way to make her date secretly way back then unless making her a part of a tv show that will make her change her mind and met someone compatible with her. and also to avoid scandal? because she can date onscreen that's what i like to think as one of the reasons why they made her part of WGM, with the reason that it's also her time to shine.

and this is a win-win situation. both end gained something from this WGM experience
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